Our offer includes anti-corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing of:
  • products of ductile and grey cast-iron,
  • screw elements with a maximum length of 0.8 m,
  • steel structures,
  • chains of cells of different diameters,
  • construction and hydraulic connectors,
  • nuts, washers, threaded elements,
  • all types of components located in the tub’s working chambers.
In terms of galvanizing services, our offer includes renowned domestic and foreign companies. Once the Customer delivers their technical documentation, we also offer:
  • castings of ductile cast-iron for construction and energy industry in the following grades:
    • EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG 40),
    • EN-GJS-400-18RT (GGG 40.3),
    • EN-GJS-500-7 (GGG 50),
    • EN-GJS-600-3 (GGG 60),
  • threaded products,
  • steel structures,
  • fasteners,
  • forgings,
  • welding of steel elements.
We provide our own transport. In the case of large supplies, we pick up and deliver galvanized products at our own expense. We are prepared to quickly launch new products according to Customer requirements. We supply only the products which fully meet Customer expectations in terms of quality and we guarantee proper Customer service in terms of services provided. We offer short deadlines and competitive prices.

Examples of some of our products are presented below (a larger image appears after clicking on the picture).