Hot-dip galvanizing


Hot-dip galvanizing is the best way to protect cast-iron and steel against corrosion, both for economic and environmental reasons. No other protection has such durability, corrosion resistance and resistance to mechanical damage. The technology’s specificity is decisive here: when submerging the workpiece in a zinc bath, liquid zinc diffuses into the material, forming an alloy layer. After taking the object out of the zinc bath, the outside surface of the alloy is a pure zinc coating. This method allows for even and thorough coating of elements with a zinc layer, which, due to the specificity of the method, reaches even the hard to reach places.
bębnowa oczyszczarka śrutowa piec cynkowniczy cynk w blokach
shot-blast tumbling barrel zinc-coating furnace zinc in blocks


Zinc coatings made by us are consistent with the requirements of standard PN-EN ISO 1461:2000. Excellent quality and high aesthetics of zinc coatings obtained in our company result from a combination of many factors: long-term experience of the crew, use of electrolytic zinc with a very low content of impurities (in compliance with PN-EN 1179:1998) and modern technology. We have a comprehensive production line, which consists of:
  • high-end shot-blast machines (shot-blast chamber and tumbling barrel) of leading western companies – preliminary preparation of the material surface takes place therein by blasting-abrasive method
  • pickling line on which workpieces undergoing a process of hot-dip galvanizing are being prepared. This consists of degreasing, pickling baths and fluxing baths
  • stationary galvanizing furnaces filled with molten zinc, in which the workpieces previously prepared in the blast-abrasive and chemical treatment are immersed
  • stationary centrifuges – used for centrifugation of excess zinc of threaded elements and minor fasteners
  • tubs with water cooling, in which workpieces are cooled down.
Modern technology stands not only for high quality but also a lack of pollution and hazardous waste. The whole technological-chemical process is conducted in an environmentally friendly manner. The hot-dip galvanizing plant is equipped with three galvanizing tubs with a ceramic chimney and a modern system of direct heating of the zinc bath operating in high and low temperature technology. Dimensions of the baths’ working chambers:
  • length 1.2 m,
  • width 0.7 m,
  • depth 1.3 m
  • length 0.8 m,
  • width 0.6 m,
  • depth 1.2 m
  • length 3.0 m,
  • width 1.0 m,
  • depth 1.7 m.
cynkowanie ogniowe
At the request of the plant, a Chemical Laboratory performs the analysis of chemical baths used in the hot-dip galvanizing process. The scope of analysis includes:
  • determining the concentration of the degreasing bath;
  • determining the concentration of acid, content of iron and other components of the pickling bath;
  • determination of the components of the fluxing bath.